For any general information and initial contact, please e-mail:

Events and social activities are co-ordinated through a Social Committee consisting of residents. There are other members of the community involved in Leigh Woods matters who can be contacted via the Facebook page (search for Leigh Woods Residents Group and send a request to join).

Leigh Woods Society Committee

Tricia Bedford, Lynne Bothamley, Emma Burgh, Barbara Davies, Martyn Harris, Esther Johnson, Ian McKay, David Middleton, Bill Summers, Ann Lowson

For issues and questions about the services and infrastructure within Leigh Woods, we encourage all residents to make contact directly to the appropriate body. Some of these are listed below.

North Somerset Councillors:

Ashley Cartman (

Stuart McQuillan (

Local Parish Councillors (Leigh Woods):

Martyn Harris (

Alan Johnson (

Local Police Representative

Justina Lewis ( (PC4496)