Xmas Party

December 2015 - 138 people signed up for the party this year and we were pleased to see many new faces and children there. Huge thanks are due to the Boss Family who welcomed everyone to their home once more. There was an enormous bedecked Christmas Tree in the hall and many other gorgeous festive decorations hanging from the ceiling. The Hall housed the Bar which was very busy throughout the evening and many stayed close by!  All the committee members worked hard, several cooking and distributing canap├ęs which were consumed readily. The mince pies were as popular as ever too and many had been made for us by the Boss children. It was a very enjoyable evening and lovely to see so many neighbours mixing together. A good start to the festive season. There are some photos of the revellers on the 2015 page LWS Xmas 2015 Party.

The 2014 Christmas Party was also hosted by Anna and Jonny Boss’s house in North Road. The additional space and layout was used by all to socialise and catch up with residents and friends. The event was attended by over 90 people who enjoyed hot food, good wine all in the presence of a 25’ Xmas tree. Some of those who attended have been captured on film and can be found on the attached page: LWS Xmas 2014 Party.

In 2013, instead of a Xmas Tree, we were treated to a continuous light show which was set up by Edmund McKay of Diffusion Designs who specialises in theatre and site specific lighting and effects (see Edmund’s profile).  The show was an edited version of the spectacular lighting created by United Artists in December 2007 for the Covent Garden area in London. The Press Release read “This Christmas, Covent Garden will showcase a unique, futuristic sculptural light display by renowned British creative collective, United Visual Artists. In a bold move Covent Garden and UVA will move away from traditional Christmas themes to createLondon’s most spectacular and unusual Christmas light display, featuring three large scale interactive ‘chandeliers’ within Covent Garden’s iconic Market Building. The installation will incorporate a modular lighting array created from hundreds of energy efficient, full colour LED tubes, delicately suspended in the spaces of the North and South Halls and the Central Avenue of the Covent Garden Market Building”.

To read the full press article see: UVA Press Release.

To see the whole video clip used for the Xmas Party, click on this link: http://vimeo.com/2276954


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